Mission & Vision

We think tomorrow’s energy industry has the potential to do more than ever to improve the everyday quality of life for every single person on the planet. So our ESG mission is to put constant pressure on ourselves to find new and better ways to make this a reality.

Our company and its people are as committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance as to helping customers enhance production. And the proof is in the actions we take every day – things like pushing hard to lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, keeping people safe without fail, promoting a diverse and fair workplace, supporting local communities and more.





Through the adoption and creation of new compressor packages and technologies, we continue to deliver superior performance for our customers – but in a way that reduces GHG emissions. Through refinements such as electric starters, intermittent dump controllers, and more efficient engine control technology we are contributing to the elimination of 625.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Our gas driven packages enable the customer to take advantage of natural gas that is often flared and put it to productive use by powering the production equipment and assisting with the crude oil recovery application.

In addition, we’ve made a number of waste reduction and containment design improvements that streamline waste management. We also have emerging emission and waste reduction initiatives in the works. McClung Energy Services isn’t slowing its focus on running responsibly and is energized about continuing its journey of being a leader in sustainability.


treating people



Protecting the people in our communities and bringing about positive social change is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why McClung Energy Services has implemented extensive training to ensure a safe, equitable, and respectful workplace for its people. Our employees take part in continuous training on anti-discrimination and diversity in the workplace to keep this responsibility top of mind.

We also regularly perform a number of employee appreciation and enrichment measures. These include not just taking care of our people with competitive paid leave benefits but also a quarterly bonus program, parental LOA, company-provided life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, and an employee referral program. Additionally, we hold regular employee and leadership roundtables to give everyone a voice. And we reward innovation through patent support and incentives.

McClung Energy Services is proud to also perform community service wherever possible, most recently including our partnerships with colleges and universities. Our CARES council, composed of nominated employees, leads our charitable donation strategy as well as chairs all employee engagement events. We need more voices, not fewer, and work tirelessly to make sure everyone is engaged throughout our organization.




McClung Energy Services is engineered with a foundation of responsible business practices. From matters of board responsibility and engagement, management oversight and effectiveness of codes of conduct, tax strategy, risk/crisis planning, supply chain and more—we demand the highest standards from each and every person on the team. While we are privately held, we prioritize corporate governance and operating integrity, and all levels of our business have transparency to our leadership team and board of directors.

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